Interview About Travel Niche Search Engine pocketvillage With Jann Kleen

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Co-founder of the digital tour guide pocketvillage, Jann Kleen took a few minutes to discuss the idea of search engine for experienced backpackers looking to be more efficient on their travels. Jann talks about where the idea for pocketvillage came from and where it might take you on your next trip. In a tweet, what […]

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Traveler Tech: Should I Upgrade My MacBook To Apple’s New OS X Lion?

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Apple recently launched their new operating system, OS X Lion and you may be wondering if you should upgrade or if it’s something you can put off for the time being. Apple has made it very easy to upgrade – it’s all done online through a download from the App Store – but chances are […]

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Cultural Commonalities Of Default Wireless Passwords Around The World

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There’s nothing like the small joy of seeing those 4 curved lines on your smart phone or laptop indicating a wireless signal is around. That is, until your Internet dreams are broken with a small lock next to said signal, with nobody around to quickly give you a password. Sure, eventually your hostel owner, restaurant […]

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How To Stay Online From Anywhere – 3 Levels Of Remote Connectivity

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The more extreme your distance from civilization, the more expensive and cumbersome your Internet connectivity solutions become. Staying connected becomes a matter of taking the Internet with you, rather than going to it. Whether you’re hundreds of miles in dense forest or out driving days across the desert, you can help make wifi signals appear […]

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Easily Calculate Timezone Differences With World Time Engine

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When traveling between time zones it can be difficult to coordinate something as simple as a Skype call due to unfamiliar time differences. While there are a host of various time difference calculators online, perhaps the easiest one to use is World Time Engine. The simple web tool lets you enter in two cities (with […]

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Find Out If The Tap On Your Travels Is Safe With Can I Drink The Water

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Travelers are often weary of tap water when traveling internationally, for the practical reason of protecting their bowels from bacteria and pollutants. Free site Can I Drink The Water lets you know in which countries you might be able to drink from the tap – and others where you better stick to the bottled stuff. […]

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How To Bypass Turkey’s Blogger Restriction And Other Blanket Bans Without Mucking Up Your Computer

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Although there are a number of ways to get around Internet censorship online, many of them route your entire Internet connection through a proxy; slowing down what might already be a sluggish connection. Instead, you can easily specify what groups of websites you want running through a proxy; in this case let’s use Turkey’s censorship […]

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Use Hugin To Take Spectacular Panoramic Photos With Any Camera

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You might not have the luxury of a wide angle lens or DSLR on your travels but you can still capture the views you want with the free application Hugin. Hugin works by stitching together several photos you take of a scene or object that you wouldn’t be able to capture otherwise in a single […]

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Firefox Plugin Video DownloadHelper Lets You Easily Save Embedded Videos For Offline Viewing


Internet connections can be tough to stay reliably connected to when you’re traveling. The Firefox plugin Video DownloadHelper can save you some bandwidth efficiency by letting you easily save embedded YouTube and other videos as you surf the Web for later viewing without an Internet connection. The plugin creates a small download icon to the […]

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VisaMap Gives You A Visual Idea Of Where You Might Need A Tourist Visa

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Aside from searching for low airfare, visas can often be a confusing and time consuming part of planning an international trip. The interactive site VisaMap highlights the places your nationality doesn’t require a visa, visas on arrival, and places you’ll need to apply for in advance. VisaMap lets you choose you nationality and covers just […]

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