anil aboutMy name is Anil Polat, a digital nomad traveling the world indefinitely. I’m a formally educated anthropologist and former computer hacker (the good kind), currently traveling full-time completely funded by my travel blogs.

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I’m a hacker who likes to apply this mentality to all of the things I love, including travel and technology. The Tech Guide For Travel is a place where you can let your inner travel geek out and learn more about the tools that make being a digital nomad fun. Aside from the Tech Guide For Travel I also write several other travel blogs including foXnoMad, How To Travel With Pets, and Travel Blog Advice.

All of the hardware, software, and techniques discussed on this site will be directly related to travel as well as the digital nomad and location independent lifestyle. If you’ve got a favorite travel gadget, program, website, or just want to talk tech feel free to get in touch or leave a comment on any of the posts.

The Tech Guide For Travel is updated once a week every Tuesday. Get updates the easy way by subscribing to my RSS feed or by signing up for weekly updates below.

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