In addition to the free content on Tech Guide For Travel and my other travel blogs, I’ve written several ebooks to help you become an even smarter traveler. Whether you want to learn how to travel the world or become a tech-savvy traveling digital ninja, these ebooks can help you accomplish your goals.

travel tech ebook The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0

Become a tech-savvy traveling digital ninja by learning the hacker secrets and tricks to make your gadgets versatile tools on the road. Save more that $100 within a year and get 6 months of free technical support by me to help you with any topics covered. You’ll also get 1 year of free updates learn more than you ever knew possible about your laptop.

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overcoming the 7 major obstacles to traveling the world Overcoming The 7 Major Obstacles To Traveling The World

Learn how to travel the world on your terms by breaking down a big dream into manageable parts. I’ll show you the specific steps you can take to overcome the major obstacles that stand in your way. It’s not just from my personal experience as a full-time traveler either, there are stories and advice from many others who are doing what you want.

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