Will Removing My Laptop Battery When It’s Plugged In Extend Its Lifespan?

pug outlet

Battery life is an especially precious commodity when traveling and the normal luxuries we take with electricity become magnified when there’s no outlet around. Since one way to keep your laptop strong is to recalibrate it from time to time by draining it completely, you may be thinking removing it all together when not needed […]

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Interview With Geoffrey Halgand About Hotel Preview Site TVtrip


One of the biggest problems searching for accommodation online is getting a feel for what a room actually looks like beyond thumbnail photos and reviews that float between extremes of love and hate. So when I came across TVtrip, the site that’s got video footage from over 52,000 hotels in the world, I was intrigued. […]

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Updated, Expanded, And Improved: The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0

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We all travel with gadgets, store our trip memories as digital data, and stay connected with loved ones over the Internet. Our technology doesn’t take away from our travel experiences but rather enhances them in endless ways. For those who resist it, tech can become a burden heavier than the most over-packed luggage. For those […]

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Interview About Experience Sharing Platform TRAVELinform With Roan Havenga


I had the pleasure of meeting TRAVELinform creator Johann Beukes and partner Roan Havenga last year in Sofia, Bulgaria during the Space Tourism & Travel Trends Summit. Today Roan spends some time talking about TRAVELinform, a site loaded with travel information, and how it might help you travel better both on the road and from […]

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Earn Some Extra Travel Cash By Writing City Guides On UnAnchor

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This is a guest post by Jason Demant, the co-founder of Unanchor whom I interviewed back in 2010. Since then, a few things have changed on the site where travelers can create and sell their own personalized itineraries – this is Part 1 on how to use Unanchor in a series that covers 3 of […]

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Fix Macbook Clock Drift With A Simple System Preferences Change

palace of parliament bucharest

Traveling across timezones and keeping track of them can be a bit jarring for our biological clocks but you may have noticed your Macbook getting a bit slow over the years as well. When you cross timezones and update you clock – you might be exposing a problem you wouldn’t otherwise notice – that your […]

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Top 5 Travel Apps For Android

skyscanner app

This is a guest post by The Recapp, who recommends these five free travel apps, compatible with Android devices, for all your travel needs. As the calendar year is winding down, our stress and fatigue levels are surely rising from a busy 12 months. It’s time for a vacation! Whether you’re already planning a holiday […]

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Win The Gadget Of Your Choosing With A $10 Donation To Passports With A Purpose

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You’ve got 3 days to make a $10 donation to Passports With A Purpose, an annual travel blogger coordinated fundraiser. This year’s objective is to raise $80,000 this year to build two libraries in Zambia and it’s the third year I’ve been participating. Each donation is US-tax deductible and with every $10 you donate you […]

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Differences Between The Kindle Fire And Nook Tablet For International Travelers

nook tablet

It’s been a while since we looked at the differences between the Kindle and Nook for international travelers. That of course was the Nook Wi-Fi and Kindle 2; mostly straightforward eReaders mostly without color or touch interfaces. Now however, the jump between those class of eReaders and the new generation of 7-inch tablets – in […]

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Increase Your Laptop’s Wireless Range By Plugging In

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Although we’ve talked about hacking wireless networks in the past but sometimes your connectivity problems are much more straightforward – like being slightly out of wifi range. There are a number of tools you can use on your laptop to get around flaky Internet connections but one of the most simple is to plug in. […]

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