Interview With Geoffrey Halgand About Hotel Preview Site TVtrip

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One of the biggest problems searching for accommodation online is getting a feel for what a room actually looks like beyond thumbnail photos and reviews that float between extremes of love and hate. So when I came across TVtrip, the site that’s got video footage from over 52,000 hotels in the world, I was intrigued. Here’s my interview with Geoffrey Halgand about TVtrip, how it works, and how it might help you before your next trip.


Where does the video content of the hotels come from?

We have a team of over 350 cameramen all around the world. They only shoot near where they live so we don’t pay for their travels and it’s eco-friendly!

How long did it take to compile 52,000 videos of hotels from around the world?

TVtrip has existed since 2007 and we’ve been compiling videos ever since.

What platform are you using to host the videos? (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

We developed our own video hosting platform you’ll find more information about this technology here.

Does TVtrip earn revenue, if so, how do you make money?

TVtrip indeed earns revenue, we take a commission on every reservation made through our site and we also have a few ad banners.

Give us the brief history of TVtrip from idea to now.

TVtrip was founded in 2007 by a travel and Internet professionals who worked for companies like Expedia. One day they got bored of always hearing the customers complaining about the fact that you can never know what the room you book online will look like so they came out with the idea of TVtrip!

Finally, what’s one of the best hotel videos on TVtrip?

It’s hard to choose “one best video”, there aren’t really “good” and “bad” videos, there are only better looking hotels but everyone can’t afford a five stars hotel and we think that everyone deserves to know what the hotel he’s planning to book looks like so we film any kinds of hotels. But here’s one we’re proud of (of course it’s a five-star hotel…)


Thanks again Geoffrey for taking the time to answer my questions about TVtrip whose videos one travel blogger found quite addicting. You can also indulge your travel curiosity at and find them on Facebook.

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